Testimonial from Elaine

Having worried about the appearance of my front teeth for some time, I decided to take the plunge and ask Diarmuid about having veneers fitted. I was nervous that they wouldn’t look real but I needn’t have been.

The process so quick from start to finish. I went in to the surgery to have moulds of my front teeth taken. Less than 2 weeks later I had the veneers fitted (which was also done in less than half an hour). I was absolutely delighted with them. They look so natural no one even noticed. People just commented on how well I looked and some said, “Did you change your hair?”.

I have them done 5 months now and have never looked back. I would recommend getting veneers to anyone who worries about the appearance of their teeth. The results are amazing. The staff are so professional, friendly and most importantly perfectionists. 10/10 from me, thanks Guys!