Our aim is to ensure that we provide as wide a range of treatments as possible, to the highest standards to ensure the provision of good dental health.

The benefits of good dental health are:7ce9256ecb1d6f88_640_dental

  1. Less risk of future pain and problems
  2. Keep strong healthy working teeth for life
  3. Better looking smile,fresher breath
  4. Eat what you like for life
  5. Healthier heart and other organs
  6. Less spent on treatment in future.

Our dental health examination is very comprehensive, and covers the health of your teeth, fillings, gums, inside of your mouth (cheeks ,lips,tongue, roof and floor of mouth – as a cancer screening examination), outside of the mouth, joints, and lymph glands.

We especially like to see children at the practice, and dedicate as much time as is necessary to provide a caring and reassuring service. Fissure sealants are a very important preventative measure for children.

We provide for the cosmetic needs for our patients including bleaching, crowns,veneers, bridgework. 2015-09-22 09.38.37We have excellent specialists we refer to for any treatments not provided in the surgery e.g. orthodontics, oral surgery.

We have top of the range e x-ray equipment for all treatment needs including our 360 degree x-ray machine so that we can take a full and comprehensive x-ray of your entire mouth. The health and hygiene of our patients is our particular importance to us so we spend 7% of our entire budget on sterilisation and hygiene of our equipment.

For those who are nervous about attending the dentist, we would like to say that we understand your fears completely and we always take a caring approach, allowing plenty of time for treatment so that you are made as comfortable as possible.

While we treat all patients with different entitlements, it is important to point out recent changes made by the government.

Patients covered by P.R.S.I. are entitled to one free examination each year. All other treatments have been abolished. So we have reduced our prices to minimise the effect of this on our patients.

Medical Card Holders
We unfortunately can no longer see medical card holders we apologise for this.